Snowy Morning on the Farm

We woke up to a surprise this morning…
A cheery dusting of snow! This can be a major disaster for us here on the farm, but last night’s storm left just enough snow to frost everything, without breaking limbs or blanketing blossoms too deeply…
We usually get a tiny bit of snow once or twice each winter here in Auburn, but the chickens seem mystified by it each time. Red studied the new strange carpet for several minutes before finally hopping out the door to investigate:

Dot was decidedly apprehensive about venturing outside, and didn’t seem too keen about cold feet…
And Darla of course had to see if the snow might taste good!
Brenda, our sweetheart of a barn cat, wandered everywhere with me in search of snowy photos — she figured out quickly how to pose for the camera:
Plum blossoms and mushrooms and moss…

And then the sun came out!

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Filed under around the farm, chickens, orchard, Winter

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