Reasons To Love Summer (And to Quit Complaining About the Heat!)

Well, it’s hot. Finally. Really hot. The usual California strategy of coping with the scorching summer — reminding one another that, “well, at least it’s a dry heat” — is now more often than not being met with an exasperated, “yes, but it’s still too darn hot!” The air conditioner is getting a workout, but there’s still plenty to do outside… so, after a week of hundred-degree-plus days, it’s time for a cheerful reminder of why we love summer. With any luck, it’ll inspire you — and us — to head back outdoors and soak up the best of the season!1. Everything’s growing! The garden has gone from this…
to this…
…in a month and a half!

2. Blackberries! (More on those soon.)

3. Bastille Day (and of course the Fourth of July too) — the perfect occasion for a picnic with plenty of fresh produce. Plus aïoli and pyrotechnics!

4. Fresh herbs galore… which means some scrumptious pesto!

5. Timmy, our handsome rooster, is molting. It’s just too funny watching him strut around, trying to maintain some shred of dignity with only two of his magnificent tail-feathers left. (Sorry, Tim — we know this isn’t helping…)

6. Washing the car seems like less of a chore and more like a pleasant activity. (…on the other had, though, mucking out the chicken coop seems less like a chore and more like a form of torture. Of course, the girls find it all quite entertaining to watch.)

7. Should we need to raise a small army, I’m pretty sure we could feed it quite well on zucchini for the rest of the summer. (Check back soon for a scrummy zucchini gratin recipe.)

8. Farmer’s market season is in full swing!

9. The peaches are ripe — which means peach jam, peach tarts, peaches straight off the tree…

10. And finally, one word: Tomatoes!!


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  1. It all looks so good. We are having a cool summer -come and visit! I would love to have your chickens -your so lucky

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